stop tax crime

How can I help to stop tax crime?


Does it make you angry when you hear of wealthy individuals hiding assets and avoiding paying tax?

Are you appalled that honest taxpayers are forced to pay more to make up for those who cheat the system?

Have you ever wished you could do something to help fight tax crime?


There is one crime currently going relatively undetected in the UK that goes hand-in-hand with tax fraud and that is non-disclosure in divorce cases.

Non-disclosure within legal proceedings is a criminal offence under the Fraud Act 2006, Section 3. The law states that, in order for a court to deal fairly with litigants, including divorcing partners, each must make a full and frank disclosure of their case and financial position.

The reality is, however, quite different.

The courts expect divorcing partners to make full and frank disclosure but there are few, if any, penalties applied if they fail to do so.

This is what the Michelle Young Foundation is seeking to change and we need your help to do it.

People who hide assets to avoid paying tax are devious. They are more than happy that you, and honest taxpayers like you, are forced to pay more than your fair share whilst they hide from the HMRC and continue to line their own pockets.

If they happen to be going through a divorce, then they have a double incentive to cheat, lie and scheme.  They get to claw as much as their own wealth as they can for themselves, often leaving their families in extreme hardship as a result, whilst they enjoy their gains tax free.

For every former spouse that has been defrauded and for every child that has been wronged through non-disclosure in the divorce courts, the taxpayer has been defrauded at the same time.

And, if you are thinking that these cases tend to be a rarity, then you are wrong. A recent article suggested that at least a third of spouses (almost always the husband) hides assets during divorce hearings. In our experience, and judging from the stories of many of our members who have been left impoverished whilst their former partners enjoy a luxury lifestyle, the number is far higher.

Victims of injustices that result from non-disclosure are almost always female. Instances of child poverty and mental ill-health can also be shown to be directly caused by the abuse of the court within divorce proceedings.

Michelle Young’s case has received a great deal of media attention because of the figures involved but the Michelle Young Foundation is fighting for every single person, whatever the assets of their marriage and whatever their sex, who has been defrauded through non-disclosure.

Michelle has been fighting for 8 years for fairness for herself and her daughters and she has yet to receive one penny of the award  finally made to her, an award which she believes was based on an entirely fictitious position presented to the court.

We are lobbying for changes to be made so that those found guilty of non-disclosure are dealt with by the criminal courts. We want those guilty of non-disclosure to be barred from holding any senior position within a company and to be forced to pay 100 per cent of the innocent party’s legal costs.

We believe that such penalties would be a far more effective deterrent than the current ineffective system and would lead to billions of pounds of potentially unpaid tax being recovered, resulting in a fairer system for every single taxpayer.

Funds raised by the Michelle Young Foundation will be used to help divorcing spouses facing financial hardship fight those they suspect of non-disclosure and tax fraud to ensure that these crimes do not continue to go undetected.

The foundation will help investigate the net worth of partners who refuse to disclose their assets. A percentage of funds raised through asset recovery will then be donated to the foundation to continue the on-going fight against non-disclosure and tax fraud.

Non-disclosure is theft.

Tax fraud is theft.

 Theft is a crime.

Please click on the green ‘Donate’ button to donate to the Michelle Young Foundation and, with your help, we can continue our fight against tax fraud and non-disclosure and work for fairness and justice for all.

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