Our Mission

If the husband has supervised the family finances, his wife may know little about the couple’s overall financial
standing. So if he is creative and anticipates a divorce, he may try and divest himself of assets in order to
produce a relatively modest balance sheet. In such a situation, what can a wife do? Concealment in
Family Financial Proceedings: A Crime by Any Other Name. (Malek, lease do, hyperlink:
For every former spouse that has been defrauded and for every child that has been wronged through nondisclosure
in the divorce courts, the taxpayer has been defrauded at the same time. And, if you are thinking
that these cases tend to be a rarity, then you are wrong. A recent article suggested that at least a third of
spouses (almost always the husband) hides assets during divorce hearings. In our experience, and judging
from the stories of many of our members who have been left impoverished whilst their former partners enjoy
a luxury lifestyle, the number is far higher. Victims of injustices that result from non-disclosure are almost
always female.
We are lobbying for changes to be made so that those found guilty of non-disclosure are dealt with by the
criminal courts. We want those guilty of non-disclosure to be barred from holding any senior position within
a company and to be forced to pay 100% of the innocent party’s legal costs. We believe that such penalties
would be a far more effective deterrent than the current ineffective system and would lead to billions of
pounds of potentially unpaid tax being recovered, resulting in a fairer system for every single taxpayer.
Funds raised by the Michelle Young Foundation will be used to help divorcing spouses and their children
facing financial hardship fight non-disclosure and tax fraud to ensure that these crimes do not continue to go
undetected. The foundation will also help investigate the net worth of partners who refuse to disclose their
assets. A percentage of funds raised through asset recovery will then be donated to the foundation to continue
the on-going fight against non-disclosure and tax fraud.