System of Arrangement

Following a two year investigation, with meticulous precision and searing honesty, Olivia Hahne, brings to light the scandalous injustice, systematic failures and abuses which occur every day within the secretive Family Court.

Her exposé centers on a small group of women who were dubbed by the media as “The First Wives Club”. Through their indescribable suffering and indomitable determination to speak out about what can only be described as organised crime within the family courts, these ordinary women, with remarkable courage and resilience, dug deep to uncover the truth about what was at the heart of the life sentence of poverty which had been handed to them upon divorce.

Through their collective efforts, hundreds of women joined forces to document and expose a system of arrangement which had been in place for decades, where judge’s and legal professionals had become a law unto themselves in an unchecked and out-of-control fraternity and secret society.

With their growing army, what began as a ‘little voice’ mushroomed into a booming force to be reckoned with. This league of women, with assistance from investigative sources and notable journalists, unpicked the financial skullduggery and incestuous nature of the inner-workings of the family court, including where pre-marital and joint assets were made to disappear into thin air, or were handed to the perpetrator, but where they were left destitute.

Olivia Hahne’s forthcoming book and fly-on-the-wall documentary evokes a roller-coaster of emotions from rage to pride and ‘power of the people’. Bringing laughter after tears, vitally, Hahne shines hope into the broken lives of the many who may have unknowingly fallen prey to one of the greatest injustices this country has ever witnessed.


Case study Welch v Welch

Denis Welch cross-examination 2nd June 2015 (morning)

Denis Welch cross-examination 2nd June 2015 (afternoon)