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My journey started 14 years ago when I first became aware of the level of corruption in the British court system.I went through what has proved to be one of the biggest legal battles in British legal history.                           

In early 2007, I filed for divorce against my then husband Scot Young. The case went through the family courts. I secured litigation funding loans three times on the merits of the case. I won nearly every court hearing in a rigged system, despite the fact I had irrefutable evidence, which was ignored, and applicable law, in force at the time, was also ignored.

In November 2013, I managed to secure a judgement order of £26,6 million plus 50% of the divorce estate which ran into billions and most of my evidence during the four-week trial was ignored. However, during the divorce proceedings, in 2010, my husband engineered his own bankruptcy to deny my rights to any of the divorce estate with the help of his advisors, Grant Thornton (Accountants) who were appointed. They then took control of the estate, denying my legal right to attend creditors’ meetings, despite me being the majority creditor. My former husband was murdered within one year of the judgement order, and within months of his murder Grant Thornton appointed a trustee, Paul Allen of FRP Advisory, who unlawfully bankrupted me and took control of the billion pound divorce estate.  Despite the known assets running in to such high sums, there have been no reports from Grant Thornton or FRP Advisory relating to recovery.

Throughout this journey, I have investigated many other families who have been denied justice and traumatised by a very corrupt Family Court system with mothers having their children taken through the mechanisms of the family courts and social services. including the Insolvency bankruptcy courts. 

We are going to have four categories on the website including a petition which you can sign.

Name and shame.
Family court divorce cases.

Non-disclosure within legal proceedings and divorce cases is a contempt of court and yet, rarely, are penalties applied to those found to have hidden assets with the intention of deceiving their former spouses and the courts. Almost always, it is the women and children in divorce cases who suffer because the legal system is failing in its duty to provide fairness and equality. The Michelle Young Foundation was set up to campaign for equal rights for women in divorce cases. We will
continue to press for fundamental changes to the legal system, especially, the Family Courts system, which we believe are vital if women are ever to experience true equality.

Please state the name of the court, your case number, name(s) of the judge(s) and law-firm(s) involved where you have not received justice.
1. Family courts children.
Who unlawfully took the child or children, Please state the name of the court, your case number, name(s) of the judge(s) the law firm(s) involved and social services department and social workers involved.

In 2020, the Ministry of Justice published a report revealing the horror of a Family Court system routinely allowing abusive men to gain contact, and sole care of children even when the children and the mothers reported and evidenced the abuse, in some cases with lethal consequences to both mother and children. A court system which
listens to debunked and discredited theories, such as “Parental Alienation”, rather than accepting the evidence of abuse and violence where such evidence exists. A court system which listens to a network of unqualified, unaccredited and self-styled “experts” who espouse theories which have not been tested or checked and allowed these so-called “experts” to gain credibility in a Family Court system which rarely lets in the light of scrutiny.

3. Solicitors selling Loans

Many major solicitor’s firms have undisclosed lending partnerships with high interest and often barely-regulated or unregulated high interest loan companies. When a client attends a paid-for meeting for advice on divorce, the solicitor pressure-sells them a loan as if this is a normal part of the divorce process. The loans lock the client into that particular law firm. The minimum is always £30,001.00, this being the threshold over which the client cannot complain and get a refund if the solicitor’s firm does a bad job. The money goes directly into the Solicitor’s account, and, often, they control when, frequently taking payment in advance, and allowing their client to take the interest charge hit to the sole benefit of the solicitors. Often solicitors will carry on increasing the amounts
borrowed at crucial points in the divorce process, for example 2 weeks before the FDR, or Final Hearing, leaving the client to face court unrepresented, or pay, and this, often until all the assets are gone. These loans bankrupt people. Even those clients who end up with a settlement find it is rapidly eroded by interest rates as high as 29%. The solicitors charge for “administering” the loan, often as much as £10,000.00, the loan companies charge as much as £6,000 for administering the loans. Penalties, charges, fees, build up until the divorcing client is left with

Loan companies include: Ratesetter, Novitas, Iceberg, Detach, Ampla, Level, Harbour Litigation, West One.

Solicitors who routinely sell these loans include: Payne Hicks Beach, Stewarts Law, Hunters Solicitors, Burgess Mee, Miles Preston, Family Law in Partnership, Sintons, Blick, Tees Law

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Any whistleblowers inside the system with information on the level and nature of corruption in the Family Courts or Insolvency and Bankruptcy Courts are invited to contact me directly. All information given will treated in the strictest confidence as will the identity of whistleblowers.


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Anthony Stansfeld Police and Crime Commissioner with Michelle Young Exposing the Financial Crimes

Michelle Young and Anthony Stansfeld, PCC, discuss her case and bankruptcy Fraud in the UK.
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