The Michelle Young Foundation
My journey started 14 years ago when I first became aware of the level of corruption in the British court system. I went through what has proved to be one of the biggest legal battles in British legal history.                           

In early 2007, I filed for divorce against my then husband Scot Young. The case went through the family courts. I secured litigation funding loans three times on the merits of the case. I won nearly every court hearing in a rigged system, despite the fact I had irrefutable evidence, which was ignored, and applicable law, in force at the time, was also ignored.

In November 2013, I managed to secure a judgement order of £26,6 million plus 50% of the divorce estate which ran into billions and most of my evidence during the four-week trial was ignored.

However, during the divorce proceedings, in 2010, my husband engineered his own bankruptcy to deny my rights to any of the divorce estate with the help of his advisors, Grant Thornton (Accountants) who were appointed. They then took control of the estate, denying my legal right to attend creditors’ meetings, despite me being the majority creditor. My former husband was murdered within one year of the judgement order, and within months of his murder Grant Thornton appointed a trustee, Paul Allen of FRP Advisory, who unlawfully bankrupted me and took control of the billion pound divorce estate.  Despite the known assets running in to such high sums, there have been no reports from Grant Thornton or FRP Advisory relating to recovery.

Throughout this journey, I have investigated many other families who have been denied justice and traumatised by a very corrupt Family Court system with mothers having their children taken through the mechanisms of the family courts and social services. including the Insolvency bankruptcy courts. 

We are going to have four categories on the website including a petition which you can sign.